Residents vote to continue Beaver Lake Management District

This article remains for archival purposes only. Due to the passage of time, some elements in the article may no longer be accurate or relevant.
Release Date: Jul. 13, 2016

It wasn’t close. Residents near Beaver Lake voted overwhelmingly last month to continue the Beaver Lake Management District for another 10 years. The new term of the district’s life will begin in 2017.

There were 338 ballots cast. Of those, 247 were in favor of extending the district’s work and 91 were opposed. The margin was even more striking after the ballots were weighted based on the property owner’s proximity to the lake. Votes in Zone 1 (for property owners on the water) were multiplied by a factor of 306. Votes in Zone 2 (for those more distant from the lake) were multiplied by a factor of 31. That produced a total of 23,607 in favor and 6,946 against.

To make it official, the City Council will hold a public hearing, tentatively slated for Sept. 6, on the extension. After a second reading at a later meeting, the Beaver Lake Management District will be in business for another decade.

The district’s mission is “To track environmental conditions at Beaver Lake and to promote actions and behaviors among area residents that will minimize negative impacts to the lake and its surrounding ecosystems.”