Building Inspections

Regular building inspections can be requested online. The City of Sammamish Building Division performs sequential visual inspection of work in progress that is under current city-issued Building, Plumbing, and Mechanical permits. Do not cover or enclose any item without first have obtained an approved inspection by the city of Sammamish.

Due to our busy workload, inspection routes are scheduled to minimize travel time for inspectors. The inspectors are unable to take special requests for time of day. If you call in for an inspection, it is expected that your project will be ready for inspection at 8 am. The actual time the inspector arrives will be dependent upon the number and location of inspections scheduled for that day.

Special Inspections

Special Inspections, performed by independent inspectors or agencies at the owner’s expense, may be required, and must be approved by the city Building Official. Requirements for special inspections will be found within the approved permit documents as provided by the designer, or specified by the city in Conditions of Permit Issuance.

Re-Inspection Fees

Please be advised that if you have not completed all of the required work for the inspection you have requested, or if you decide to cancel an inspection after 8 am of the day the inspection is scheduled, you will be subject to a re-inspection fee which must be paid before re-scheduling the inspection.

Certificates of Occupancy

All buildings constructed to meet the provisions of the International Building Code will be issued Certificates of Occupancy after the building project final inspection is approved. For residential construction, final inspection sign-off is required prior to occupancy.