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Building Inspections

The City of Sammamish is committed to providing excellent customer service every day. You may notice a new face or two among our building inspectors, and occasionally we may need to ask for your patience as we juggle summer calendars. We appreciate your understanding. Please contact our Permit Center at 425-295-0500 if you have questions or need more information.

Our building inspectors have a combined plan review experience of 30 years; with an additional 55 years in building inspection, administration in the construction industry. They continue to grow professionally by attending seminars, conferences, completing college courses, and gaining additional certifications.

Building inspection is our key task in working with the community. We welcome calls or e-mail requesting clarification or guidance on construction related issues.

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Typical number of inspections for my project:

Garage/Accessory building: 5+
Mechanical/Plumbing: 2-4
Pool: 3-4 (including separate mechanical and plumbing)
Reroofs: 2
Retaining walls: 3
Rockery: 2

Remodels & Additions vary. Your inspector can provide the number of inspections.

Damage Assessment

City staff is available to do inspections immediately following environmental damage to your structure.

  1. Contact your insurance company.
  2. To request a Damage Assessment Inspection, call City Hall (425-295-0500) provide your name, phone number, address, scope of damage.
  3. During storms/disasters: Damage Assessment Advisory.
  4. Fallen Trees: call City Hall for information.
Damage Inspection Advisory

Building Permits are required for any work needed to repair damaged structures. Emergency measures to protect the structure from further damage may be performed prior to permit issuance.

Building inspection staff will be available to perform Damage Assessment Inspections for structures that have been damaged by winter storms.The Damage Assessment Report will help to expedite the permit process and may also be a helpful tool when working with your insurance company.

To request a Damage Assessment Inspection, please contact City Hall at 425-295-0500.

Staff Contact

Code Compliance - Contact email for general code compliance complaints.