Community Development - Planning

The Sammamish City Planning Division engages citizens in an ongoing dialogue about the city’s future and plays a central role in guiding the long-term development of the built and natural environment.

It is comprised of staff who evaluate regional growth management policy, monitor and update the City’s Comprehensive Plan, draft land use policy, develop subarea plans and process land use applications and annexations.

The division also includes staff who guide and support the work of the Sammamish Planning Commission.


Land Use Planning
  • Pre-Application Conferences
  • Submittal Appointments
  • Land Use Applications
  • Sammamish Municipal Code (SMC)
  • Proposed Changes to SMC
  • FAQs
Shoreline Master Program
  • Why a Shoreline Master Program (SMP)?
  • Maps
  • Contents of SMP
  • Photo Gallery
Sammamish Town Center
  • Adopted Town Center Plan (Parts 1-4)

Hearing Examiner Process to Appeal

Hearing Examiner Procedures

Hearing Examiner Decisions

Contact Us
David Pyle, Deputy Director, (425) 295-0521
Emily Arteche, Senior Planner, (425) 295-0522
Ryan Harriman, Senior Planner, (425) 295-0529
Sung Lee, Associate Planner, (425) 295-0526
Tracy Xi Cui, Associate Planner, (425) 295-0523

Permit Center Hours: 8:30 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday
Phone: 425-295-0500
Fax: 425-295-0600