Property Tax Calculators

The Property Tax Calculator gives you three different ways to calculate your property taxes based on the assessed value and the taxes for a specific address, area and parcel number (PIN).

Use the form below to calculate 2016 property tax, broken down into several categories. To use, just enter the assessed value of your property, then choose your street address and number from the menus. You can also just use the tax levy area code to calculate your taxes. Results will be displayed below.

For property assessment information, please refer to the King County Department of Assessments.

**Address information obtained from King County**

Please enter your address to compare your current property tax with the property tax you would pay as part of Sammamish, based on last year's property assessment value.

If your property falls within the annexation areas, the results will show a comparison of your current property tax with the annexation property tax, based on last year's property assessment value.

Please enter an assessed value and then select an area from the drop-down list.

For more information, see the area map. The map lists the areas by color and by levy code.

Assessed Value

Please enter your PIN(Parcel Identification Number).




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