Lower Commons Community Garden

City of Sammamish opened its first community garden in May 2013. Plots are available for lease to community residents. Each plot measures approximately 48 square feet (12 feet by 4 feet). The current design accommodates 58 plots that will be available for leases, 6 of those plots are ADA accessible.

All lots are currently full. To get on the waiting list for an available plot, please send an email to Elby Jones with your name, address and phone number. When a plot becomes available, you will be contacted.

To receive updates about the garden, sign up for Email Alerts in the top right corner of this page. You will be prompted to enter your email address and select your email preferences. Make sure you check the Community Garden topic. You can also like the Sammamish Community Garden Facebook page which is run by the Community Garden Steering Committee -


The Lower Commons Community Garden is located behind City Hall at the Lower Sammamish Commons. It is accessible via SE 4th St. 

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Lower Commons Community Garden Harvest Party

September 22, 1-4 pm at the garden.  

Sammamish Farmer’s Market
The 2013 season will begin Wednesday May 15.

Year-Round Farmer’s Markets
Ballard - Sundays, 10-3 (11-3 November through March)

University District – Saturdays, 9-2 

Sammamish Earth Day 2011 photos

We had a lot of fun meeting fellow Sammamishites at the Earth Day event and are looking forward to gardening with you all in 2012.

February 2013

It’s hard to believe 6 months has passed since the last update. In this time, the City has decided to move the Community Garden from the originally proposed site at Beaver Lake to the Lower Commons. The new location is ideally suited for Sammamish’s first p-patch.  The site receives abundant sunlight, is centrally located in our community and allows for a more streamlined design and construction process.

Kevin Teague, a staff architect, has been working on the p-patch design in conjunction with the Parks Department and the Design Committee of SCG. The design was presented to the SCG Steering Committee in January and is planned to be put out to bid this month and then presented to City Council in March for final approval.

If all goes as planned, the garden should be opened later this spring — hopefully for an Earth Day celebration! It’s hard to believe it’s been over 2 years in the making. 

July 2012

The community garden project at Beaver Lake Park has been suspended.  Staff were directed to study the options at several other locations and are expected to report back to council with their findings and a recommendation this fall.

June 2012

We are still expecting to hear from BPA regarding their resolution of the PSE gas line location questions which is a precursor to the permits needed for putting a community garden in Beaver Lake Park.  New estimates for hearing back are anywhere from the next week or two up to a few more months.  We'll keep you posted here.  

March 2012

The Community Garden at Beaver Lake is delayed until we are able to finalize our permits for the garden from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). A problem has come up due to the location of a PSE gas line constructed within the BPA easement. Apparently the gas line was constructed in the wrong location. While the gas line does not directly impact our project, BPA is evaluating whether or not they will require PSE to remedy the problem. For obvious reasons, this issue needs to be resolved before BPA will issue our permits.

We anticipate having direction from BPA in the next two months, which means we should hear something by early May. We are checking in with them regularly and will keep you posted on this progress. At this time we are anticipating a garden opening in 2013. 

January 2012

·     A logo for the garden is being drafted and is expected to be revealed soon.

·    The application form was reviewed and is to be submitted to the City for review and approval.

·    No update on the final draft of the garden policy submitted for approval. 

·    A first draft of a budget template was presented.

·    The City has finalized details of the garden plan and they have been submitted to BPA for their approval.  When the plans are approved, the project will go out to bid.

December 2011

·         No Meeting

November 2011

·         A draft of the application form was presented to the group.

·         With the garden design nearly final, we can move forward with budgeting.

·         The policy was submitted to the City for revisions/approval.

·         Fundraising ideas for the garden were discussed.

·         The design group met with the City and updated us on things discussed such as: plot spacing, shed size and plantings around the garden.

October 2011

·         501c3 presentation including the advantages of becoming a non-profit, and how the two groups might partner.  It was decided to wait for their bylaws before deciding to partner.

·         City Update:  the latest garden layout plans were shown.  They have been submitted to BPA . The garden will be constructed in phases with the upper most tier first, and a new garden opening made for summer 2012.  The budget cannot cover all items planned, like raised beds,  so fundraising will be needed.

·         Updates from September’s Policy review were discussed and the policies are going to be submitted to the city for approval.

·         Discussed taking on Earth Day as a fundraiser for the garden and the overall need for a fundraising strategy.

September 2011

·         A detailed Policy review was conducted.  Some topics covered were:  Garden fees will be due in January and prorated for those that join at another time.  The garden will be open year-round.  Plots must be cleaned by May 1 or will be reassigned.  Eligibility will be on a first-come basis with a waiting list.

·         Next month, guests will come to discuss their 501c3, how to create one, and there is a way to partner.

·         City update:  the site has been surveyed; laying out of the garden in a site plan has begun.  Some retaining walls are going to be required.  BPA needs to approve the plan due to the garden being within their easement and how it will affect their access and line clearance.  They require a grading plan for their review as well.

August 2011

·         No meeting

July 2011

·         The group discussed having a booth at the Farmers Market on August 24th.

·         Volunteer positions within the community garden were reviewed such as Compost Manager, and Garden Manager.

·         A Policy draft was reviewed and suggestions made regarding such things as structures, allowed pesticides and borrowing community tools.  A contract page will be included in the final policies.

June 2011

·        Policy Development Committee meeting to discuss other local garden guidebooks and their policies.

·        We are preparing for the garden permit and expect to begin the process soon.

·        City crews to begin work on the garden could be as soon as late-Fall!

·        Operating budget is in progress.

·        Plot rental fees being evaluated.

May 2011

It was a big month for the Community Garden!  At the May committee meeting, the Garden Design Committee presented their suggestions to the City’s landscape architect for input and recommendations.  With the City’s input, the Garden Design committee is reviewing:

 ·        The parking lot will be able to accommodate 4-5 spots, one reserved for ADA parking and another likely for loading/unloading.

·        As the garden is on a slope, terracing will be looked at.

·        There are gas lines on site that need their location confirmed.

·        To have a building/shed on site, BPA approval will be needed.  If not approved, an alternate location will need to be determined.

·        The budget may not cover the materials for all the beds to be raised beds.  Ideally, a sponsor will come forward so that we can open with all the beds in place.  Alternatively, they may be phased in.

Some links to ideas presented:

·        Fencing – www.deerbusters.com

·        Garden Gate - http://bapatoms.net/portfolio.htm

·        Structure - http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/ABPub/zoom/html/2014777409.html

·        Compost bins - http://www.woodlanddirect.com/Outdoor/Compost-Tumblers/Sun-Mar-Garden-Composter-200-50-Gallon

April 2011

·        Earth Day – On April 30th, members of the community garden had a booth at Sammamish’s Earth Day event to help get the word out about the upcoming garden and answer questions from the community.  There was a craft project showing how to make recycled newspaper seed starting pots and seed planting for children.  Fliers about the garden were also distributed.  Check out the photos in the new Photo tab, and download the flier from the Resources area.

·        Garden Design – Fencing is going to be similar to what’s already around the space, and will be high enough to keep the deer out, with mesh wire under the soil to keep rabbits and other vermin out.  Raised bed and path materials are being evaluated, as well as sizes and ADA bed locations.  We’re planning on a multipurpose shed, a garden gate and benches that will complement the park. 

·        Guide Book – the team will begin reviewing examples of the guide books they have collected.

·        Opening Day – a group is being put together to start planning our opening day. 

·        Website – the website is now live.  An information flier has been added to the Resources area, along with Earth Day pictures in the new Photos area.  The Contacts area is also new.

·        Next Meeting – May 5th, 6pm.  (This was a different week than we normally meet in order for the design committee to present to the City.)

March 2011

·        Vision Statement – we’re getting close and will be unveiling it on the website soon! 

·        Garden Design – the Garden Design Committee has been visiting other community gardens in the area and gathering ideas.  They hope to know the actual size of our garden soon.  We’re looking forward to this too!

·        Sponsorship – we have many opportunities for interested sponsors.  If your group/business/organization is interested, please contact us via Dawn Sanders at 425-295-0556 or dsanders@ci.sammamish.wa.us.

·        Guide Book & Operating Plan – we are working to create two different booklets.  The Guide Book will be a handbook for plot owners, and will be available for download from the website when completed.  The Operating Plan will be a reference for other groups interested in building their own community gardens.

·        Website – First version of the site to go up in April.

·        Budget – Committees are researching their costs to help us determine our annual operating budget, and thus how much it will cost plot owners to rent their plots.

·        Earth Day – Community garden volunteers are hosting a booth at Sammamish’s Earth Day event at Beaver Lake Park on April 30th, complete with a seed planting activity for kids and demonstrations on making your own seed-starting pots from newspaper.

January 2011

Dozens of interested residents attended the initial meeting regarding the creation of Sammamish’s first community garden of member p-patches. Since then, a handful of volunteers have formed the Sammamish Community Gardens (SCG) Steering Committee and have been coordinating about the garden’s design, operations, and publications. This website is the place to see how the garden is shaping up and we invite you to sign-up for the webpage alerts in the upper right hand corner. That way you’ll be notified when these pages are updated. It’s going to be a long row to hoe, but so much has begun sprouting up already.

Staff Contact

Elby Jones, Volunteer Coordinator, (425) 295-0556