Public Record Request


Public Records Requests are still being accepted and fulfilled.  Changes due to COVID-19 measures are as follows:

  • Access is limited to records stored at City facilities or off-site storage.
  • The ability to view records or receive copies at City Hall is temporarily suspended.

This information may change as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop.  

How do I request Police, Fire & EmS, or Water & Sewer Records?

Sammamish contracts its police, fire & EMS, and water/sewer services. To obtain these records, please submit a request to the following:

Seeking Permit records?

GIS/Mapping tools

The City of Sammamish offers the following GIS tools:

 Link to Public Records Request Presentation - Apr 5, 2022

Link to City Manager Investigation Report - June 17, 2022

Submit a Public Records Request

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Please be specific in describing the records being requested. Providing additional information such as title, dates, or department the record may be located will help reduce the time necessary to provide your requested records.


The City will respond to your request within five (5) business days either with your requested record(s), providing a date the City expects to fulfill your request, asking for clarification, or denying your request. 

For more information, please visit the FAQ page.

Your public records request will be categorized into one of four groups according to the nature, volume, and availability of the requested records as well as the complexity of the request.

Category 1: Records are easily identified and immediately accessible, requiring little or no coordination between departments.  Category 1 requests may take between 5 and 30 business days to fulfill.

Category 2: Request involves a large number of records which may not be easily identified, located and accessible, require some coordination between departments, or may require third-party notification.  Category 2 requests may take between 30 and 120 business days to fulfill.

Category 3: Request meets Category 2 criteria but is also complex, broad or vague and requires significant coordination between multiple departments, research by City staff who are not primarily responsible for public disclosure, and/or review by public disclosure staff to determine whether any of the records are exempt from production.  Category 3 requests may take between several months or up to a year to fulfill.

Category 4: Request meets Category 3 criteria but also requires legal review and/or additional assistance from third-parties in identification and assembly.  Category 4 requests may take between several months or more than a year to fulfill.

For more information, please review the City’s Public Records Act Rules.  Please direct Public Records Request questions to the City Clerk’s Office.