Fairy House Trail

Fairy House.png

Want to build a Fairy House? Now is your chance…. Sammamish Arts Commission is looking for creative and imaginative participants who want to show off their skills for on the Fairy House Trail!

Fairy Houses will be displayed all summer starting middle of June for everyone to see at Pine Lake Park.

The deadline to submit your Fairy House is June 10.  Fairy Houses can be dropped off starting June 1, 2022 at Sammamish City Hall.

Rules for fairy houses

  • Use natural materials- dry grasses, leaves, sticks, moss, pebbles, shells, bark from fallen trees, seed pods, acorns, berries, gourds, pinecones, and flowers are just a few examples.
  • All fairy houses must appear to be made entirely of natural components. Hot glue, acrylic spray, twine, and other man-made items can be used but must be completely concealed by natural element.
  • House must be portable (maximum dimensions 16” by 16” and 24” high). Platform or man-made support materials can be used for easier transport but must be completely hidden by natural components.
  • Please do not use any items of value as the City of Sammamish is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  • The theme of your house can be anything you wish that is appropriate for all ages.
  • Please create a sign for the house with your fairy house’s name clearly marked for the viewers to see (example could be a rock painted with the name). Please include your name and the houses name on the base as well. 
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