Partnership Opportunity on Public Art Piece

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Partnership Opportunity on Public Art Piece

The Sammamish Arts Commission is seeking partnerships for additional funding for a specific project on Artwork representing Civil Liberties and Racial/Social Justice.  The Arts Commission has a designated $50,000 for this project but is seeking additional partnerships to help with all associated expenses related to the design, fabrication, transportation, and installation.  The mission of this art piece is to bring to light and broaden awareness on social justice and civil liberties issues. 

Partnering on this project is a civic commitment that would benefit the community and provide more public art in the City of Sammamish.  Partners will be recognized in digital, social media, print and/or signage, depending on the amount funding donated for this project. 

The next steps after establishing partners with the community will be a “Call for Proposals” for the art piece and narrowing down thee specific locations for installation.

Proposals will include concept designs focused on the idea of children playing/together. Artists will have full design control during the Call of Proposals based on their artistic ad professional experience in creating such installations.

The proposals will be received and evaluated by the Commission.

  • A maximum of 3 proposals will be selected to move forward. (This number is arbitrary and will be predicated on the number of submissions and the Commissions decision).  Note: preference during the selection process would be given to minority artists during the evaluation portion.
  • The (3) artists will be asked to submit a moquette (scale model) of their concept. A stipend for the creation of the moquette will be given to each of the finalists along with a deadline for submission. The moquettes will be presented to the Arts Commission for their evaluation and to City Council with an Arts Commission recommendation by the artist. 

 For questions or additional information, please contact Chris Jordan 425-295-0524 or

To determine if your donation is tax-deductible, please consult your tax professional.

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