Docket Request 2022

Sammamish Municipal Code Development Regulation Text Amendment



1. Add roadway segment and corridor level of service standards to the Comprehensive Plan and Municipal Code to address transportation level of service standards and capital facilities needs and associated environmental impacts.


Applicant: Mary Wictor


2. Update clearing and grading regulations:

- Adjust the City’s threshold limit(s) for when SEPA is triggered during clearing and grading.

- Develop lifetime limits on certain types of clearing and grading.

- Consider a 100 cubic yard exemption threshold for clearing and grading and lowering the thresholds for critical areas.

- Review and update the definition for “fill” to prevent safety issues, ensure stability, and avoid adverse water quality impacts.


3. Update tree regulations:

- Specify pruning limits on tree/plant species.  

- Provide tree removal options for property owners in cases of problem trees or lack of water. 

- Develop rules or guidance around removing invasive species, right-plant right-place, and encouraging snags as appropriate.


4. Research and develop or clarify lighting regulations to specify: number of allowed lights; location of lighting; lighting types, size, brightness, shielding, and allowed uses.


5. Develop and implement a septic management program that would inventory the City’s remaining septic systems, perform outreach to septic system owners, create loan program for future sewer connections, identify septic system failing points, and identify when sewer should be connected.



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