Wireless Communication Facilities

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Wireless technology is constantly evolving. As smart phone usage has increased substantially in recent years, wireless service providers have had to adapt their networks to meet increased demand. To do this, providers are deploying small cell wireless communication facilities (WCF) to boost capacity and improve data speeds. In 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed laws that aim to expedite deployment of these small cell networks nation-wide.


In response, the City will rewrite the chapter of its municipal code that regulates all wireless communication facilities: small cell wireless facilities and the larger macro facilities. This comprehensive rewrite will include updates for permitting, location, and design/aesthetics of all wireless communication facilities within the parameters of federal law. 



To learn more about the WCF code re-write, please visit the newly launched community engagement platform, Connect Sammamish!  Learn more about the Wireless Communication Facilities Code Re-Write and provide us your input there by clicking the button below!



Upcoming Key Dates:


Planning Commission Work Session - 10/01/20


Planning Commission Work Session - 11/05/20


Planning Commission Public Hearing - 12/17/20


City Council Work Session - 1/19/21



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