Land Use Planning


The land use planners for Sammamish serve in three capacities: policy planning, project management, and land use planning review.

In a policy planning role, the planners provide the Planning Commission and City Council with technical support in adopting land use policies and regulations; such support may include evaluating expected economic, social, physical, and procedural effects of proposed land use changes (e.g. a re-zone’s impact on surrounding properties).

In a project management role, the planners coordinate the technical review of proposed developments (e.g. subdivisions, schools, etc) between various departments, and ensure that procedural land use permit requirements are satisfied (e.g. public notice, appeals, etc).

And in a land use planning review capacity, the planners are responsible for ensuring that a proposed project complies with all applicable zoning, shoreline, and environmentally critical area regulations (e.g. setbacks, height, landscaping, wetland protection, etc).


Hearing Examiner process to appeal

SEE - City Clerk/Hearing Examiner 

Pre-Application Conference

Per SMC 21.09.010(C) Pre-application conferences are required.

The purpose of the pre-application conference is to review and discuss the application requirements with the applicant (and their consultants, if preferred) and provide comments from City staff from various departments and other City jurisdictions (sewer and water district, fire district) on the development proposal.

This give the opportunity to determine the feasibility of the project prior to hiring professional consultants to prepare submittal items, as well as review timelines and costs associated with the proposal.