Sammamish Town Center SW Quadrant - Mixed Use Development (UZDP2019-00562, BSP2019-00564, PSUB2019-00563)


The applicant is proposing to construct 348 multifamily residential units and approximately 82,000 square feet of commercial space on a 8.09-acre area in the TC-A1 zone in the Town Center Sub-Area. The TC-A1 zone, also known as the City’s Core Mixed-Use Area (CMU), is specifically designated in the Town Center Plan, Town Center Infrastructure Plan, and Town Center Development Code for mixed-use and higher-density residential communities as proposed. The 348 multifamily residential units consist of 48 attached townhouse units and 300 apartment units to be constructed in two buildings.  

UZDP Map.png


The applicant, STCA, LLC, has submitted three land-use applications for their mixed-use development proposal.  As shown on the map above, these include a Unified Zone Development Plan (UZDP), Binding Site Plan (BSP) and a Preliminary Subdivision (PSUB).



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Date Description Status
November 4, 2019 Application Materials Submitted (click on project number below)  
November 27, 2019  Completeness Check Letter of Completeness 
December 2-23, 2019 

Notice of Application / Open House / SEPA Notification

Comment Period Open

  UZDP2019-00562 Public Comment Form
  BSP2019-00564 Public Comment Form
  PSUB2019-00563 Public Comment Form

December 16, 2019 

Open House 

PowerPoint Presentation


March 10, 2020 Application Review - 1st Round of Review  
  UZDP2019-00562 Review Comments
  BSP2019-00564 Review Comments
  PSUB2019-00563 Review Comments
April 7, 2020 Application Resubmittal Extension Request by Applicant View Request
April 28, 2020 City's Response to Resubmittal Extension Request View Response
June 2, 2020 Applicant Revised Resubmittal Extension Request View Request
June 3, 2020 City's Response to Revised Resubmittal Extension Request  View Response
June 22, 2020 Application materials resubmitted for second round of review (click on the project number below)  
July 13, 2020 Second Letter of Completeness Review Letter of Completeness 
July 20, 2020 Notice of Revised Application and 120-Day Clock Exceedance Comment Period Opens
  UZDP2019-00562 Public Comment Form
  BSP2019-00564 Public Comment Form
  PSUB2019-00563 Public Comment Form
October 8, 2020 Notice of Exceedance - 60 Day Review View Notice
 TBD Notice of Recommendation, SEPA Threshold Determination, and Public Hearing   
 TBD Public Hearing  
 TBD Notice of Hearing Examiners Decision  
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