21-22 Work Plan

Follow the project status of the 2021/2022 Urban Forest Projects.

Street-Trees and Parks-Trees Inventory and Analysis

Project Status: On-going

In December of 2021, the City executed a contract with Davey Resource Group (DRG) to begin inventorying the City's street trees and certain trees within City Parks. The inventory will cover roughly 20,000 trees;10,000 street trees within the City's rights-of-way and 10,000 within the City's parks.

DRG are collecting a number of attributes at each tree including species, condition, diameter, and a precise GPS location. The tree data is being entered into a tree management software that the City will use to maintain the tree inventory, analyze the data, and develop maintenance plans.

Currently, DRG have mapped roughly 2,500 street trees. It is anticipated data collection will continue through the spring months finishing in April or May of 2022.


Updating City Contracts and Specifications

Project Status: Beginning Shortly

DRG will be tasked to review, and update if necessary, all of the City's consultant and maintenance contract templates to ensure they include all appropriate arborist care and safety standards.


Tree Board Research and Reporting

Project Status: On-going

City staff are currently conducting research to understand the different forms and roles Tree Boards take in other regional cities. One of the goals of the UFMP is to establish a Citizen Tree Board and this research will present options the City Council may take to create a Sammamish Tree Board or Commission. The research will be synthesized into a report and presented to the City Council in the coming months.


Tree Permit Health Assessment

Project Status: On-going

Staff are working to update the City's tree removal permits to ensure tree health information is being captured prior to tree removal. The updates tree permits will include questions that help identify if the tree was infected with a specific disease or pest. This information will then be mapped to help identify trends or patterns of tree infections.


State of the Urban Forest Report

Project Status: Beginning Shortly

The Urban Forest Management Program team is beginning to develop the first Annual State of the Urban Forest report which will be presented to the City Council in May 2022. The report will highlight the 2021/2022 Workplan Progress and be a check-in on the upcoming workplan priorities.

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