Emergency Preparedness Resources



Know what disasters could affect you and how to prepare yourself, your family, and your home.

The City of Sammamish has developed a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Guide to help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from the hazards that threaten our City. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools that assist you in becoming disaster resilient.

Download your copy of the City of Sammamish Emergency Preparedness Guide, or any of the other valuable resources we have compiled for your convenience, below.

City of Sammamish Emergency Preparedness Guide (PDF)

City of Sammamish 5 Step Neighborhood Action Kit

In major disasters, roughly 70% to 95% of victims are rescued by neighbors, not professional responders. Some of your neighbors will need assistance that can be easily provided by you and others that live in your community. The City of Sammamish 5-Step Neighborhood Action Kit is a free resource that can help you and your neighbors get organized and ready to act.

5 Step Neighborhood Action Kit Program Guide (PDF)

5 Step Neighborhood Action Kit Facilitator Guide (PDF)

5 Step Neighborhood Action Kit Forms Guide (PDF)


Additional Preparedness Resources:

Get Two Weeks Ready

2 Weeks Ready - Backpack Brochure (PDF)

2 Weeks Ready – Emergency Information (PDF)

 Personal Preparedness

Create Out-of-Area Contact (PDF)

Prepare Your Home - Getting Ready

Secure Wall Hangings (PDF)

Preparedness for Kids

Kidz Stickers (PDF)

The Earthquake Adventures of Terry and Gracie (K-2) (PDF)

The Earthquake Adventures of Terry and Gracie (3-6) (PDF)

The Volcanic Adventures of Terry and Gracie (K-6) (PDF)

The Beautiful Mountain in the Sky - Lahar (K-6) (PDF)

Tips for Kids: Ready Kids  (link)

Disaster Activity Book for Kids English (PDF) Spanish (PDF)

Hazard Specific Preparedness

Active Shooter

Active Shooter: How to Respond (PDF)


Active Shooter Pamphlet (PDF)

Run, Hide, Fight (Video)


Drop, Cover, and Hold (Link)

Washington is Earthquake County (PDF)

The Great Shakeout (Link)

Extreme Heat

National Weather Service Forecast Office Seattle (Link)


Why Do I Need Flood Insurance? (PDF)

My Flood Book (In English & Spanish) (PDF)

What to do when it's Flooding (PDF)

Utility Failure

Homeowners: Respond to Power Outages (Link)

Homeowners: Respond to Fuel Shortages (Link)

Homeowners: Respond to Natural Gas Disruptions (Link)

Generator Safety - English (PDF)

Alternative Backup Power Options (Link)

Severe Weather

Severe Weather Brochure (PDF)

When the Sky Turns Gray (Video)

WinterSafe Newspaper - English (PDF)

WinterSafe Newspaper - Chinese (PDF)

WinterSafe Newspaper - Korean (PDF)

WinterSafe Newspaper - Russian (PDF)

WinterSafe Newspaper - Spanish (PDF)

WinterSafe Newspaper - Vietnamese (PDF)

Windstorms Brochure (PDF) - 2012

Windstorms Fact Sheet (PDF)


Media Guidebook - Chapter on Volcanoes (PDF)

Volcano Information Poster (PDF)

Shelter-In-Place Flyer (In English & Spanish -- PDF)

Volcanic Ashfall Brochure - English (PDF)

Volcanic Adventures of Terry the Turtle/Gracie the Wonder Dog (PDF)

The Beautiful Mountain in the Sky; How to Be Safe if a Lahar Flows Down the Mountain (Grades K-6)(PDF)


Wildfire Fact Sheet (PDF)

"Living with Fire" Game (US Forest Service)

FireWise (Link)

Alternate Language Emergency Checklists:

Amharic (PDF)

Arabic (PDF)

Cambodian (PDF)

Chinese (PDF)

Farsi (PDF)

Ilocano (PDF)

Korean (PDF)

Laotian (PDF)

Romanian (PDF)

Russian (PDF)

Serbo-Croatian (PDF)

Somaly (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

Tagalog (PDF)

Tigrigna (PDF)

Ukrainian (PDF)

Vietnamese (PDF)