2020 Pavement Program - Overlay



The 2020 Pavement Program - Overlay project provides pavement rehabilitation through Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) overlays and localized pavement patching.  This project overlays approximately 12 lane miles of roadway and includes patching at five (5) additional sites throughout the City.

These 2020 overlay streets were selected based on pavement condition records from the City’s ongoing computerized pavement management program, which takes into account the maintenance history, age of streets, condition of pavement, and visual inspections.  According to 2016 pavement condition records, the average rating for the entire City roadway network is 82 out of a possible 100.  The average modeled 2020 rating of the roads in the contract to be rehabilitated is 63.8, which is at a level recommending preventative maintenance.



2020 Overlay vicinity Map



Specific Streets

Street Rating/
Type of Work
(PCI Updated 5/18/20)

Site Specific Work Schedules

Site 1:
Heritage Hills

220th Pl NE (between NE 25th Way and NE 23rd St)

Length: .15 miles

Ave. PCI = 57

5% estimated roadway patching

2 in. overlay 


Site 2:

Removed in 2020




Site 3:
Autumn Wind

NE 15th Pl/233rd Ave NE (between NE 14th St and 236th Ave NE)

NE 15th St (cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac)

Combined Length: .33 miles

236th Ave NE (from NE 20th to NE 15th)

Ave. PCI = 67

10% estimated roadway patching

Subgrade/settlement repairs on 233rd Ave NE

2 in. overlay


Site 4:
208th Ave NE

208th Ave NE (off of NE 5th Pl)

Patch and resurface.


Site 5:
228th Ave SE

228th Ave SE (between SE 24th St and SE 8th St)

Length: .92 miles

Ave. PCI = 62

4% estimated roadway patching

2 in. full width grind and inlay



Site 6:
East Lake Sammamish Place

East Lake Sammamish Place (both ends connecting to ELSP)

Length: .73 miles

Ave. PCI = 59

5% estimated roadway patching

2 in. overlay 



Site 7: SE 24th Way

SE 24th Way (between ELSP and 2019 paving limits)

Length: .48 miles

Ave. PCI = 75

10% estimated roadway patching

2 in. overlay



Site 8:
East Beaver Lake Drive

East Beaver Lake Drive (between IBLR and SE 28th St and between Beaver Lake Way and pavement change)

Combined Length: .73 miles

Ave. PCI = 62

5-20% estimated roadway patching

2 in. overlay



Site 9:
Hunter's Ridge / Livingston

Hunter's Ridge and Livingston neighborhoods except 247th Pl SE.  See map for more details.

Combined Length: 1.07 miles

Ave. PCI = 69

0-10% estimated roadway patching

2 in. overlay 


Site 10:
Citywide Patching

1. 236th Ave NE (near 1900 block NE)
2. 222nd Pl NE (near the 800 block NE)
3. SE 8th St (near the 19700 block SE)
4. 235th Pl SE (near the 3200 block SE)
5. SE 44th St (near the 24600 block SE)

1. Failure repairs
2. Water berm roadway adjustment
3. Settlement repair
4. Tree root failures
5. Tree root failures





Design Completed: April 20, 2020
Advertised for bidding: April 21 & 28, 2020
Bid Opening: May 5, 2020
Award Project: May 19, 2020
Preconstruction Meeting: June 11, 2020
Begin Construction: July 13, 2020
Estimated Project Completion: Nov. 2020

PROJECT contract total

Watson Asphalt Paving Co., Inc.

project progress

Total Progress: 100.0%
Payment 1 - $645,701.49
Payment 2 - $833,519.82
Payment 3 - $549,043.98
Payment 4 - $122,687.09


The project has been advertised at Builders Exchange http://www.bxwa.com.  A Notice to Contractors was posted in the Daily Journal and Seattle times on April 21st and 28th, 2020.

Bids were opened on May 5th, 2020 at 10:15am.  The City received 3 bids:
1. Watson Asphalt Paving Inc., Co. - $2,094,649.35
2. Lakeside Industries - $2,174,264.80
3. Cadman materials Inc. - $2,655,157.15

2020 Overlay Bid Tab

Updated: BR 12.15.20

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