Crisis Resources Available for All

Release Date: October 03, 2019

To say this has been a difficult week here in Sammamish is to master the understatement. Learning about another senseless death of one of our young people is devastating, and we – as a community – are sad, scared, angry, outraged, confused…and so much more.

We want answers, naturally; explanations…but there won’t be any that are satisfactory; something to do…to Just. Stop. This.

There is no one action that will solve this tragic situation, but City staff, the volunteers on the Human Services Commission, the school districts, our elected officials, law enforcement, health care professionals, and social service agencies are all focused on this issue. We have been working together for years to understand how we got here, and what we can to address the factors that lead young people down the dangerous path of drug use.  

Sadly, this is not a new issue, and Sammamish is not the only community affected by the opiate crisis, so we have many communities and groups to partner with as we all search for solutions.

Here in Sammamish, the City is working with regional youth services organizations to determine the best ways to support our community’s young people. An important piece of this is ensuring that our youth, parents, guardians, and other concerned community members know what resources are available and how to reach them.  

Below is a list of local and national services that are available to help people in crisis, as well as those who may need to speak with someone. Not sure what to do? Trust your instincts and reach out if a friend, student, or child leaves you feeling worried, alarmed, threatened or scared.

  • Crisis Text Line – Serves anyone, in any type of crisis. Free 24/7 support and information, live trained counselors, text HOME to 741741


  • Teen Link Help Line – Confidential, anonymous help line answered by teen volunteers every evening 6:00 to 10:00pm.  Volunteers are trained to listen to concerns.  1 (866) TEENLINK (833-6546)


  • Crisis Line – Provides immediate help for individuals and families in emotional crisis; can determine if professional consultation is needed. 1 866-427-4747


  • Friends of Youth – Provides counseling and substance abuse treatment to families in the Issaquah School District. or 425 869-6490


  • Youth Eastside Services- Provides counseling, substance abuse treatment and psychiatric services to families in the Lake Washington School District. 425 747-4937


  • National Association of Mental Wellness (NAMI)- Mental health support groups for individuals and family members living with mental illness 425 885-6264


If you are interested in learning more about the Fentanyl crisis here in King County, King County Public Health recently posted information to their blog:

For more information regarding the City of Sammamish Human Services program please visit