City Asks Residents to “Show a Little Storm Drain Love”

Release Date: October 14, 2019
The Love Languages for your Storm Drain.png

Autumn is turning many of our trees into brilliant showpieces of color, but some of those golden-hued leaves are already falling – so the City of Sammamish is asking its residents to express heartfelt commitment to our community and “Show a Little Storm Drain Love.”

“Storm drains are all too often underappreciated, and they are out there every day, ready to help and protect us,” says Engineering Technician Lisa Werre. “Their main purpose is help prevent flooding caused by quickly moving rain water or melting snow and ice (hence the name 'storm' drain), off paved surfaces like roads, parking lots and driveways. Taking care of storm drains is important because when water can’t get down them, it can cause flooding. Even a little bit of water can cause problems if it freezes or makes leaves slippery.”

What’s the best way to “Show a Little Storm Drain Love?”

There are many ways you can show your Storm Drain love, depending on your personal Love Language. 

  • Words of affirmation – Using words to build up your storm drain. “Thanks for
    moving the rain water quickly off the road – that makes driving much safer for everyone!”
  • Gifts – A gift says, “They were thinking about me and got me this little blue flag, so they’ll even be able to find me and keep me clear in the snow!”
  • Acts of Service – Doing something for your Storm Drain that you know they would like. Raking leaves away, disposing of leaves in your yard waste container or compost bin…these are both acts of service.
  • Quality time – This means giving your Storm Drain your undivided attention. Checking its grates every day to make sure they are clear is an example of spending quality time with your Storm Drain.
  • Physical touch – Clearing away leaves and debris that have gathered on top of your Storm Drain is truly expression of love – for your Storm Drain and our community.

We all know a little attention can go a long way, and with the rainy season right around the corner it is especially important to “Show a Little Storm Drain Love” now – and throughout the year.