Mayor Malchow Elected to Sound Cities Association Board, Councilmembers Appointed to SCA Committees

Release Date: December 20, 2019

City of Sammamish Mayor Christie Malchow has been elected to the Sound Cities Association (SCA) Board of Directors. Additionally, several Sammamish City Councilmembers have been appointed to SCA Committees:

Councilmember Chris Ross has been appointed as a member of the Joint Recommendations Committee (JRC) and of the Regional Law, Safety and Justice Committee (RLSJC).

Councilmember Pam Stuart has been appointed as a member of the Growth Management Planning Council (GMPC).

Deputy Mayor Karen Moran has been appointed as a member of the King County Flood Control District Advisory Committee (KCFCDAC).

Mayor Christie Malchow, in addition to being appointed to the Board of the Sound Cities Association, has been appointed as Chairman of the Public Issues Committee (PIC).

“When Sammamish is involved on a more regional basis, Sammamish is then better tied into the issues that affect us as a region and do not stop at our municipal borders," said Mayor Malchow. "Sound Cities Association allows the 38 member cities to have a voice as large as Seattle and give us the ability to leverage our interjurisdictional relationships for the betterment of not just Sammamish, but the entire region. I’m very pleased to see so many on our Council participating actively in SCA committees.”

The SCA represents cities in King County and provides a voice for over one million people. The organization was founded in the 1970s to help cities act locally and partner regionally to create vital, livable communities through advocacy, education, leadership, mutual support and networking.

The SCA board oversees the general activities of the association, and it is ultimately responsible for adopting public policy positions and making regional board and committee appointments.

Every December, the Regional Caucuses meet to review nominees for open seats on the SCA Board of Directors and to elect their own regional representatives.

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