City of Sammamish Appoints Jeff Elekes, P.E. as Public Works Director

Release Date: August 07, 2020

Sammamish, WA | August 7, 2020


Today City Manager Dave Rudat announced the appointment of Jeff Elekes, P.E. to the position of Public Works Director.  In this role, Elekes will be responsible for leading the Public Works team in planning and implementing transportation and stormwater management programs for the City of Sammamish.  Elekes will also be responsible for collaborating with regional, state, and federal agencies while overseeing the City’s capital improvement plan, ensuring compliance with the City’s transportation concurrency and stormwater policies, and assisting in securing necessary funding and resources for public works projects.  Additionally, Elekes will be responsible for ensuring all work activities conform to the efficiency and safety standards established by the City, County, and State.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of City streets, traffic lights, storm drains; reviewing development projects to ensure compliance with the City’s ordinances; and developing major departmental policies.

For the past 33 years, Elekes has worked in multiple leadership roles in public sector project management, where he has sought to combine practical design and construction management with creative ideas and solutions.  Most notably, he spent 13 years as Lynnwood’s Deputy Public Works Director / City Engineer.

“Jeff’s qualifications were unmatched, making him the ideal candidate for this role.  He has broad expertise across capital projects, and long term planning and financing,” said Rudat.  “Just as important, he brings with him a leadership style that is modeled on team building and enabling staff to be the best they can be.  It was very important that we hire someone who can lead with heart.”

“I have been fortunate to have a career made up of progressively advancing positions that have given me the unique understanding of what it means to be a public servant,” said Elekes.  “Having the experience of public works analysis, planning, and project management is vital.  But equally important are the working partnerships and relationships I commit to build with staff, the City Council, agency partners, and of course, the residents we serve.”

“As we welcome Jeff aboard, I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Cheryl Paston, Deputy Director, Public Works,” added Rudat.  “Cheryl has worked tirelessly to lead the team while we searched to fill this position.  The City of Sammamish owes Cheryl a debt of gratitude and looks forward to seeing the positive outcomes of the partnership between Jeff, Cheryl, Andrew Zagars - City Engineer; and the entire Public Works Department.”

Elekes’ start date at the City of Sammamish is August 17, 2020.