Sammamish City Council votes to pass three resolutions supporting affordable housing in Sammamish and the Eastside.

Release Date: March 04, 2021

At its March 2, 2021 meeting, the Sammamish City Council voted to pass three resolutions that support affordable housing in Sammamish and the Eastside.

The first resolution authorized the City of Sammamish to contribute $127,494 to ARCH’s (A Regional Coalition for Housing) 2021 work program and administrative budget as part of its membership dues.

As a member of ARCH, the City of Sammamish participates in its budget and work program development. ARCH will assist the City of Sammamish staff with tasks associated with implementing affordable housing provisions; exploring impacts to, and solutions for, affordable housing as it relates to code and policy updates; and identifying ways to promote available housing assistance and affordable housing programs to Sammamish residents.

At the same meeting, the Sammamish City Council also voted on a second resolution to fund the requested $155,800 for affordable housing projects in East King County. These funds will go towards the following projects that were recommended by the ARCH Executive Board:

  • Plymouth Housing Group/Horizon Housing Eastgate Permanent Supportive Housing (92 affordable units, 3 manager units)
  • Imagine Housing Samma Senior Apartments (76 affordable units)
  • Inland Group/Horizon Housing at Totem Lake (80 affordable units in 9% deal and 219 affordable units in 4% deal)

This action taken by the Sammamish City Council authorizes the City of Bellevue, as the administering agency of ARCH, to enter into agreements for the funding of these affordable housing projects.

Lastly, the City Council voted on a third resolution to contribute its Affordable Housing Sales Tax revenue, calculated at $48,000 per year, to the ARCH Housing Trust Fund (HTF). The HTF pools funds from sixteen ARCH member jurisdictions and contributes to affordable housing projects through a competitive selection process each year. The HTF contributions are leveraged with other public and private funding sources to maximize their impact.


Agenda bills for the three resolutions are linked below:

Resolution: Approving The 2021 Budget And Work Plan Program For A Regional Coalition For Housing (ARCH)

Resolution: Authorizing The City Of Bellevue As The Administering Agency Of A Coalition For Affordable Housing (ARCH) To Execute All Documents Necessary To Enter Into Agreements For The Funding Of Affordable Housing Projects

Resolution: Approval of Use of Affordable Housing Sales Tax