Update on STCA, LLC's Appeal to the City of Sammamish Hearing Examiner on Phase 1, SW Quadrant UZDP

Release Date: March 10, 2021

On December 3, 2020, STCA, LLC filed an appeal with the City of Sammamish Hearing Examiner to reverse the City’s decision denying STCA’s Phase 1, SW Quadrant Unified Zone Development Plan (UZDP) application. 

The Hearing Examiner agreed with the City of Sammamish that STCA LLC's arguments around moratoria and concurrency should be stricken from its appeal. You can see the Hearing Examiner's Interlocutory Order on Motions here.

Should STCA, LLC continue to pursue its appeal, STCA will be required to demonstrate how its permit application met, or did not meet, the municipal codes and ordinances the City of Sammamish’s Department of Community Development is responsible for upholding.

Notice to any upcoming hearing date will be advised here once the hearing date is determined.