Internet Service Issues? What You Need to Know

Release Date: April 15, 2021
Copy of  Internet Service Issues_NC.png

The City of Sammamish understands the frustration of slow internet service; especially as we are all relying on internet connections more during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and need these systems to be functional at their advertised and promised capacity. While we understand the frustration, please know the City does not have any mechanisms to address internet service issues/deficiencies residents experience with privately run internet service providers.

What is the City’s involvement?

The City provides permitting for the usage of the City’s rights-of-way as a pathway for cabling and equipment, and issues the appropriate building and electrical permits during the construction of the network; however, the City is not involved in the operation of these networks and is not able to command where privately run internet service providers' networks are deployed and where investments are made. In addition, the City is not involved in how much bandwidth is being provided; these decisions are made independently by privately run internet service providers.

What can you do?

The City encourages residents who are experiencing internet service issues to contact the provider directly. The companies permitted to provide internet service in the City of Sammamish are: Comcast, Wave Broadband, CenturyLink,  Frontier Communications (now known as Ziply), and Zayo.

If your concerns are not addressed, you may choose to file a complaint with the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)