Campaign Signs: What are the Rules?

Release Date: June 08, 2021

With the local election season underway, you may have noticed campaign signs popping up around Sammamish. Whether you are a candidate running for office, or a resident supporting a candidate, everyone must follow the same rules when it comes to signage. 

All signs placed within Sammamish City limits, including campaign signs, are regulated by Sammamish Municipal Code (SMC) Chapter 21A.45 (and Chapter 21B.45 for the Town Center). The City regulates several aspects of signage, including its size, location and duration. It is important for anyone placing signs in Sammamish to understand these requirements, as improperly placed signs may be removed by the City.  

Typical campaign signs fall under the "non-commercial temporary sign" category in the Municipal Code. Please see this Guide to Non-Commercial Temporary Signs for an overview of the requirements that apply to this category. 

Residents who see improperly placed signage may report it to the City by completing the Code Violation Form found on the City's website.  

For more information about campaign signs and other City Council Candidate resources, please visit Connect Sammamish.