Phase I Improvements

Meadow Trail.jpg

Project Update:

Construction of Big Rock Park Central is now underway! A construction contract was awarded in May 2020 and construction began shortly thereafter. The park is anticipated to open to the public in late spring 2021. Remaining work includes installation of fencing, planting, signage, Treehouse retrofits, completion of the Heritage Garden, and completion of the Reard House ramp and deck.

Project Summary:

Phase I Improvements will construct all necessary improvements to open the park to the public. These include right of way improvements on 221st Ave SE and approximately 300 lineal feet of street frontage improvements along 220th Avenue SE, a large turn-around for EVA/Fire access, construction of a 12-stall parking lot, improvements associated with the pre-fabricated restroom installation, extensive septic, utility, and stormwater infrastructure, pedestrian circulation, ADA access to the Reard House, renovations to the existing tree house, landscaping and irrigation.


As part of the bid award on May 5, 2020, City Council authorized total project costs for Phase I Improvements not to exceed $3.7 million.

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