Master Plan Process


Components of a Master Plan:

A twelve to eighteen-month effort is anticipated for the master plan process which will include public involvement, with participation from the community at large, City staff, Parks & Recreation Commission, City Council, and community stakeholders. The intent of a consolidated approach for the master plans is to undergo a collective kick-off and public engagement effort to facilitate community introductions and discussions, as well as a collective department and city review. That said, individual master plan reports will be prepared for each park. The master plan process will consist of three phases as described below:


Evaluate existing site conditions, identify sensitive areas, complete site studies, and develop an overall understanding of the site. During this initial phase, a community survey will be prepared to assist with the development of initial park concepts.


The first public meeting will be held to present site analysis and provide the community an opportunity to share their hopes, dreams and concerns for the park. Following the first public meeting, a community survey will be published. Based upon the results of site analysis, community survey, City staff input, technical input and initial public input, a preliminary park design program will be developed that details proposed uses, design character and criteria.


The remaining public engagement will take place during the third phase of the master plan process. Two to three Master Plan alternatives will be prepared for each park, based upon the approved design program. This will include a narrative that summarizes the existing conditions, design alternatives, cost implications and regulatory criteria, and identifies issues which will require further study at the next stage of project development.

Based upon feedback from the community, Parks & Recreation Commission, and City Council, the
alternatives will be revised in to one preferred Master Plan alternative with a cost estimate. The final deliverable will be a Master Plan Report for each park, with final project drawings and narrative, project process, project phasing scenarios and phase costs.

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