Park Systemwide Wayfinding Program

Project Update - Phase II:

Construction of Phase II of the Parks Systemwide Wayfinding Program (PSWP) is now complete! This phase helps direct users to Upper and Lower Sammamish Commons, Big Rock Park North, Big Rock Park Central, Ebright Creek Park, and Pine Lake Park. A portion of Phase II was installed in summer 2020 as part of the SE 4th Street Improvement Project. A construction contract was awarded for the remaining work in February 2021. Implementation of Phase II was completed in Spring 2021.

Phase I:

In 2018, the City of Sammamish Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department began working on the design and implementation of the Park Systemwide Wayfinding Program. This program focuses on vehicular directional signage that will guide users to City parks and preserves, a priority identified in the 2018 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan. Phase I of the project is now complete and included the installation of vehicular wayfinding signs to three parks: Pine Lake Park, Beaver Lake Park, and Beaver Lake Preserve. Keep an eye out for these new park signs as you drive around the City!

Project Overview:


Wayfinding is a system of visual standards that guides people through the physical environment and enhances their understanding of spaces. An effective wayfinding system will not only provide directional and location information for a user, it can also help strengthen a City’s identity. Wayfinding signage can be designed for vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians.


The 2018 PRO Plan identified a need for a comprehensive wayfinding system to help people navigate to parks in Sammamish and orient visitors once within the parks. There are 14 City-owned parks and preserves in Sammamish’s park system. Before the Parks Systemwide Wayfinding Program, only 3 of the City’s parks and preserves had directional signage to help guide visitors to their destination.


The Park Systemwide Wayfinding Program (PSWP) will focus on vehicular directional signage that will guide users to each of Sammamish’s parks and preserves. These signs are typically installed in the City’s right-of-way and are intended to lead users to a destination via preferred routes.

The Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department began standardization and implementation efforts for wayfinding within City parks and preserves in 2014. This wayfinding includes, but it is not limited to monument signs, entry map signs, and trail intersection signs. Wayfinding signage within parks and preserves will continue to be installed and is separate from the PSWP.


Since June of 2018, City staff have been researching the complexity of wayfinding principles and exploring local examples. The following is a list of project goals:

  • Standardize vehicular wayfinding signage using universally understood signage guidelines
  • Collaborate with Public Works and other departments
  • Identify a phased implementation plan
  • Develop a conceptual vehicular wayfinding plan
  • Install vehicular wayfinding signs to encourage use and exploration of parks


$57,000 was identified in the Parks Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Park Systemwide Wayfinding Program from 2018-20. An additional $80,000 has been allocated through 2022.

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