Special Use Permits

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Special Use Permits

Allows Sammamish Parks to prevent conflicts, make necessary preparations such as power, lighting, etc.; to provide personnel and facilities such as access to lavatories; and to avoid overuse of facilities.


Special Use Permit Application Please turn in all applications to esscott@sammamish.us

For questions and inquiries, please contact escott@sammmamish.us or at (425)295-0524


Special Use Permit Guidelines and Procedure Guide

The guide includes following topics:

  • Definition of Special Use
  • Special Use Categories
  • Permit Review Committee
  • Application & Permit Fees
  • Process
  • Guidelines & Applicant Responsibilities
  • Fundraising
  • General Information
  • Sammamish Parks/Property



A public gathering of 25 or more people on City of Sammamish property, including a possible impact to the park and/or includes one or more of the following:

  • Tent(s) 400’ sq. ft. or larger (may require building permit);
  • Amplified sound;
  • Stage(s);
  • Vendor booths (food, beverage, arts, crafts);
  • Generator(s);
  • Public promotion of the organized use/activity;
  • Collection of money for admission/participation (whether off-site or on-site);
  • Impact to regular traffic & park operations;
  • Catered activities by food trucks, commercial bbqs (may require Health Dept. permit);
  • Bounce houses (subject to certain conditions due to public safety);
  • Commercial Activities (i.e. boot camps, on-leash dog obedience courses, recreational group meetings, running clubs, yoga and workout groups);
  • Filming and/or photography;
  • A park code is requested to be waived for a special event or activity. (Sammamish Municipal Code Title 7A: Parks and Recreation);
  • Additional park resources, equipment or staffing are requested;
  • Use of designated areas within a park (i.e. open spaces, trails, etc.-fees may apply for use);
  • Requesting partial or full fee reductions for park areas or facilities (fundraisers are not eligible).


  • Festivals/Concerts/Events;
  • Walks/Runs/Cycling Uses;
  • Fundraisers;
  • Corporate picnics/Uses;
  • Athletic tournaments;
  • Commercial filming and/or photography;
  • Free speech/demonstration;
  • Other – those Uses/activities that impact park operations or adversely impact normal park usage;
  • Religious services, groups rallies or assemblies;
  • Large groups;
  • Organized activities in parking lots and roadways.



Applications are due no later than forty-five (45) calendar days prior to proposed use date.  Applications received after the forty-five (45) calendar day deadline will be assessed a $20 late fee and may not be considered.

  • Commercial special use permit application fee $20 – due with application.
  • Non-profit special use permit application fee $0 – due with application. (Proof of active non-profit status must be provided.)

Damage Deposit is due no later than fourteen (14) calendar days prior to proposed use date.

  • Special Use Permit Review Committee (“SUPRC”) determines the damage deposit fee based on prior history, park location, time of year and scope of use. Damage deposits are determined based upon the type of special use.

Permit Parks Use Fee

Use Fees


Miscellaneous Use (negotiated)

$0.00 - $500.00 one-time fee

Miscellaneous Use

$15.00 per hour

 Examples of Miscellaneous Use Fee – Bouncy House, Generators, Photography, Filming, Free Speech Demonstration, etc.

Participants Use Fees



$20.00 per hour

51 – 100

$50.00 per hour

101 – 500

$75.00 per hour

501- 1,000

$100.00 per hour

1,001 – 3,000


 Examples of Participant Use Fee – Festivals, Camps, Classes, Concerts, Events, Runs, Cycling, Fundraisers, etc.


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