Right-of-Way Use Permits

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A Right-of-Way (ROW) use permit is required for any activity that

  • Occurs in the right-of-way;
  • Significantly impacts traffic; OR
  • Constructs or modifies infrastructure in the ROW.


Visit this page for instructions on How to Apply!



The Public Works Department can assist you in the early stages of planning to determine whether a ROW permit is required, contact Stephen Noeske. Please see contact info below.

The ROW often extends into what may appear to be private property. Assets in the ROW include the roadway, curb and gutter, sidewalks, landscaping, sewer and water lines, telephone, power, and other utility infrastructure. Digging more than a foot deep in the public right of way, even to plant a shrub, may encounter power lines or other utilities and may cause serious damage or harm!

Check the Sammamish maps and contact the Public Works department to discuss if you will be in the right-of-way. You may be required to obtain a survey of your property to determine the location of .
Permit Types

Type A: Special Events, such as fun runs or parades.

Type B: Construction, replacement, or modifications to driveway connections, frontage improvements, etc.

Type C: Utility repairs, installation, and maintenance.

Type D: Lease agreement, required for items to be placed in the right-of-way. This may include fences or rockeries.

The City does not grant permission for temporary placement of dumpsters or moving pods/containers in the right of way OR to fill in ditches. Ditches manage surface water runoff and are an important part of City infrastructure.
Permit Resources


Who is responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk

Sammamish is different from many other jurisdictions in that it will maintain and repair all sidewalks for cracks and trip hazards. You are responsible, however, for cleaning or removing snow & ice from sidewalks. If a sidewalk is in need of repair, please notify us through My Sammamish.
For complaints about items blocking the public ROW, please contact the Code Compliance Officer.

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